Highlights from the American West

We spent two weeks this month on an awesome road trip through Eastern Oregon and Idaho.

Our first stop was Joseph, where we stayed for four nights (VRBO). If you’ve ever been to Jackson Hole, Joseph is a much earlier version of it: gorgeous mountains, one touristy main street, and a bunch of farmland otherwise.

Ava and Daniel in the back of the railrider.

One fun adventure was the Joseph Railriders. Invented by a bike shop in La Grande, they designed two- and four-seat pedal carts that sit on top of train tracks. It’s a great re-use of abandoned railroad. Ava and Charlie got a total kick out of our two hour trip to Enterprise and back.

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Daniel’s rules for travel

Drafted last time I flew and to be revised next time.

  • Board the plane last, to maximize your use of airport wifi and minimize sitting in the plane seat.
  • Walk everywhere you can, because you’re probably sitting otherwise. If the opportunity comes up to walk two miles to your next destination, take it without hesitation.
  • Drink water at every opportunity. You are more likely to get dehydrated while traveling, and dehydration can ruin your trip.
  • Minimize alcohol and sugar consumption. The golden amount is zero / zero. If you need to consume one, you’ll probably want alcohol for the social occasions over sugar.
  • TSA Pre is the easiest way to not hate the airport. I’m typically through a security checkpoint in under two minutes.
  • Bring lunch from home for your first day of travel. If possible, also bring non-perishable snacks from home for throughout the trip.

Memorial Day marathon

Not quite, but almost.

Ava, current and future Spray Rodeo princess

On Saturday, I ran the Spray Half to the tune of 1:48:22.

It was a great event and I was really happy with my performance. Notably, I hit faster and faster splits in the last five miles: 8:19 (mile 9), 8:02 (mile 10), 7:44 (mile 11), 7:51 (mile 12), and 7:23 (mile 13).

We left Spray on Sunday but we weren’t done yet.

Leah and Charlie walking the shores of Timothy Lake.

On Monday, Leah and I subjected Ava and Charlie to a grueling ~14 mile hike around Timothy Lake.

For better or for worse, this is the epitome of our marriage — “should we turn around now?” is left unanswered and we keep going. Fortunately, our kids are more hardcore than we are.

An A+ Memorial Day weekend for the year in review book.

rtParty 2018

Enjoyed India last week, both at rtParty (rtCamp’s annual company bash) in Goa and hanging out at the Pune office earlier in the week.

Following Vivek through Koregaon Park to the rtCamp office.
Ain’t no shame getting my caffeine fix.
Not a very flattering photo of a biz team meeting.
New rtCamp office is expected to launch March 18th.
Morning arrival in Goa, after 14 hour overnight train journey.
Bunch of scoundrels.
As you might imagine, I ate a ton of Indian food.
Xavier’s Cafe all decked out for the party.
4:42 am, Dubai airport, amidst 40 hour journey home.

San Diego, March 2017

Our good friends Shane and Angela are moving to Boston this summer, where Angela’s been accepted into Harvard’s planning and public policy program. To celebrate the occasion, we took a fun vacation down in sunny San Diego. Highlights included:

  • Walking to the beach from our amazing Airbnb home.
  • Everything happening at Balboa park.
  • Four varieties of grilled pizza (no pictures except the raw ingredients, unfortunately).




Down to SF for WONTFIX Cabal

Flying down to SF for the day to attend WONTFIX Cabal, an unconference on open source project maintenance. The topics I’m struggling with most right now are: support burden (where to draw the line helping end users), and new feature development (how to decide what gets built). Even though open source has been around a while, it still feels very much like the early days.