Daniel’s rules for travel

Drafted last time I flew and to be revised next time.

  • Board the plane last, to maximize your use of airport wifi and minimize sitting in the plane seat.
  • Walk everywhere you can, because you’re probably sitting otherwise. If the opportunity comes up to walk two miles to your next destination, take it without hesitation.
  • Drink water at every opportunity. You are more likely to get dehydrated while traveling, and dehydration can ruin your trip.
  • Minimize alcohol and sugar consumption. The golden amount is zero / zero. If you need to consume one, you’ll probably want alcohol for the social occasions over sugar.
  • TSA Pre is the easiest way to not hate the airport. I’m typically through a security checkpoint in under two minutes.
  • Bring lunch from home for your first day of travel. If possible, also bring non-perishable snacks from home for throughout the trip.

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