Hand Built is re-open for business

After a brief stint at a full-time job, I’m back in the freelance world. Hand Built is available to help with code reviews, data migrations, and exceptionally difficult engineering problems. I’d especially like to pick up a project using the REST API, as I still haven’t had the chance to use v2.0 in a real-world context. Hit me up at daniel@handbuilt.co.

Dead-simple video conferencing

Google Hangout destroys my computer. If I had any sort of expertise in building hardware, I’d start a company to produce dead-simple dedicated video conferencing hardware.

It would be an all-in-one device (both camera and display) where I can have an instant-on connection with anyone in the world. And, to get fancy, the optics of the camera would correct for the orientation of the device, such that it would always appear as though I’m having a face-to-face conversation (instead of nose to face or forehead to nose).

A price point of $500 or less would make this a killer device for any company.

Informal VIP client survey: how do you commit to SVN?

I am currently a single point of failure for getting code from our Github repo to WordPress.com VIP SVN. As such, we (Fusion) are exploring a project to auto-deploy our Github repository to VIP SVN through post-CI middleware. But, before we dive into development, we want to make sure we’ve exhausted all lower-effort options.

How does your code get from Github to VIP SVN? Would you potentially want ot use our project? Please let me know with a comment — thanks!