Costa Rica, Spring Break 2023

Costa Rica was one of my favorite childhood vacations. I loved hearing Arenal erupt, driving around without seat belts (not sure what my parents were thinking), and boogie boarding at the beach. This spring break, after years of waiting for the right age, we took Ava and Charlie to experience my memories.

For Ava, ziplining was the highlight of the trip. She asked about it repeatedly until I realized I would have to produce the goods. In addition to ziplining, Charlie also enjoyed surfing (which was “nice and cool”). Leah managed to catch a wave in the first five minutes but it took me the entire 90 minute lesson. Food-wise, simple was the best: Leah and I ordered “comida tipica” once or twice a day (black beans, rice, chicken or steak, plantain, and a salad).

If you care to fork our itinerary, here’s what we did:

Overall, an A+ vacation, and we’re already looking forward to a week of surfing on our next visit.

The normal side of the family.
The other normal side of the family.
If you’re ready to leave after three hours in a hot springs, you’re not relaxing hard enough.
We decided not to drive this road in our rental car.
Not pictured: the several hundred feet between them and the ground.
Thirty seconds before we spotted the crocodile.
See if you can tell who is the pro and who is the beginner.
Waiting for pizza at La Baula on our last night.

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