I’m joining Fusion as Director of Engineering

Well, pragmatically, I’ve actually been working for Fusion on a mostly full-time basis since October. However, there have been logistical hurdles to making it official. If all goes well, I’ll be on payroll starting May 4th.

Early last year, I was fired a month before Ava was born, found my dream job, and was laid off a month later (while on my unofficial paternity leave, to boot). It was difficult to stomach the idea of joining another company full-time, so I started my solo consultancy, Hand Built. Through Hong, Fusion became one of my clients and I helped successfully deliver strategic project after strategic project.

I’ve long wanted two opportunities for my career: 1) to write code for an actual media company, and 2) to be able to help foster a work environment I want to be a part of for a long time. Joining Fusion gives me both in spades — to the degree it feels too good to be true. We’re building a distributed team, already represented in New York, Philadelphia, Miami, Toronto, Portland and Mumbai. We open source (almost) everything. And we have tremendous freedom to decide what to build and how to build it. Or, as Davis likes to say, “enough rope to hang ourselves.”

Fusion’s technology team is hiring across the board. Come contribute to our success. If the team sounds like it might be a good fit, shoot me a note at my shiny new email address: daniel.bachhuber@fusion.net

Portland’s housing market in a nutshell

We made an offer on a house yesterday, $50k over asking price. This is the first offer we’ve made in the year or so we’ve been looking. Woodstock, the neighborhood, is becoming more popular, but isn’t yet a Sellwood or the Pearl.

Today we learned:

  1. Our offer wasn’t accepted.
  2. Not only was our offer not accepted, but it wasn’t even close to being the leading offer. The accepted offer was likely more than $100k over asking price.
  3. There were 27 offers on the house. It was on the market for four days in the middle of the week.

Insanity. According to our realtor, RMLS reported the month of March as having the lowest inventory in Portland since September 2005.

Two proposed sessions for SRCCON 2015

SRCCON was my favorite conference last year, and in the running for favorite conference of all time. I liked it so much I’ve submitted two proposals for this year. You should too! Submissions are open until April 10th.

Continous Integration for Content

There’s lots of little attributes which define the “quality” of a piece of content — just like there are attributes which define code quality. Developers have continuous integration to run automated checks on their code, but journalists have editors — who are prone to human error. It’s easy and quite common to forget to add a photo credit, or spell the SEO title incorrectly. What are some ways we can automate these errors out of existence? Let’s get together, present some real world “quality” problems to work on, prototype, wireframe, and define algorithms, and then share our results.

Code review takes two

Code review is single-handedly the best way to level up your development skills. It’s also really hard! Let’s discuss code review methodologies as a group, and then pair up to practice.