Some of my favorite hikes in Oregon

My aunt is getting into hiking and asked for recommendations. You, dear reader, might be interested in them too!

Relatively flat hikes

Warrior Point. 7 mile out and back on Sauvie Island. The destination is kinda meh but the view of the Columbia along the way is really cool. Stop by my other aunt’s for a glass of wine when you’re done 🙂

Wildwood trail between Germantown and Newberry Road. 11 mile out and back in a nice part of Forest Park. It’s generally less trafficked than Leif Erikson, although the parking lot can still fill up. I usually start from Germantown.

Hagg Lake. 13-14 mile loop around, you guessed it, Hagg Lake. It’s very muddy at this time of year, so would be better to save for June or later.

Timothy Lake Loop. Beautiful 15 mile loop for the summer. Not sure if the trailhead is accessible in the winter (snow).

Hikes with more elevation

Dog Mountain. 6.5 mile out and back with a great view down the Gorge. It requires a permit in the high season. I went a couple weeks prior to the beginning of the 2021 season and we were able to get a parking spot at 7 am. Lot was full by the time we got back down though.

Neahkanie Mountain. My favorite hike 🙂 North of Manzanita. I usually prefer an out and back from the ocean trailhead, which ends up being ~6 miles.

Paradise Park from Timberline. Summer hike of 12 miles and 2300 feet of elevation gain. Gets busy but still worth doing because it has awesome lunch spot views of Mt. Hood.

Table Mountain. When you’re ready for 4300 feet of elevation gain over 16 miles, this is your jam!

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