My favorite feature proposal template

Feel free to use, share, and adapt! A derivative of a Shape Up pitch.

Problem Statement

What problem are customers having?

<describe problem experienced>

What are customers doing to address this problem today?

<describe workaround>

What do customers dislike about their current solution to the problem?

<describe dislikes>

Please include any supporting research (user interviews, cancellation feedback, etc.)

<include supporting research>

Success Metric

How are you measuring success? Is it feature adoption, feature satisfaction, or impact on top-level growth, expansion, or retention metrics? Use specific numbers when possible.

<define success metric>

Solution Description

A high-level description of how the problem can be solved. It can include images, mockups, fat marker sketches, wireframes, etc. Ideally, it de-risks implementation by identifying and addressing all of the core elements of the feature.

<prepare solution description with team>

Effort Estimation

How many design, development, and project management hours will this project require?

<prepare estimation with team>

Open Questions

Any open questions we’ll need to address before proceeding to the next stage.

<open questions added as the document develops>

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