Install a WP-CLI package

Packages are to WP-CLI as plugins are to WordPress: modular additional functionality. There are a couple of ways you can install a WP-CLI package.

Use WP-CLI’s built-in installer

For packages listed in the WP-CLI package index, you can install the package with wp package install (doc).

wp package install runcommand/hook
Installing package runcommand/hook (dev-master)
Updating /home/runcommand/.wp-cli/packages/composer.json to require the package...
Using Composer to install the package...
Loading composer repositories with package information
Updating dependencies
Resolving dependencies through SAT
Dependency resolution completed in 0.001 seconds
Analyzed 361 packages to resolve dependencies
Analyzed 73 rules to resolve dependencies
 - Installing runcommand/hook (dev-master e0c6487)
Writing lock file
Generating autoload files
Success: Package installed successfully.

Require the package on your local machine

If the package isn’t listed in the WP-CLI package index, you’ll need to download it locally and require it through a WP-CLI config file.

Given a package located in ~/.wp-cli/runcommand-profile with a main loader file command.php, you can edit (or create) ~/.wp-cli/config.yml and include the following require statement:

  - runcommand-profile/command.php