Git endpoint for content in WordPress

A horrid, crazy idea: a Git endpoint for the content in my WordPress install. One step back to the problem I’m trying to solve. More and more, I enjoy writing in Markdown with iA Writer. “Publishing” whatever document I’ve written generally involves hitting the Preview button in iA Writer, and then copy and pasting text […]

Idea: the 30 day challenge (plugin)

Leah just posted a challenge: Of course I instantly thought: why isn’t there a plugin for this? It would give you prompts on what to write about, possibly based on your previous posts, and reward you for a job well-done (meeting your word count, etc.). A bit like Plinky but built into your dashboard. […]

Writing beginner level tutorials

Writing beginner level tutorials. A number of useful tips. My favorite: “use words and phrases that your reader can Google to find more information.” For producers of documentation, I think the biggest challenge is putting yourself in the mindset of the reader. The second biggest challenge is closing the feedback loop between the person who […]

New York Times releases code to help journalists collaborate on WordPress, other platforms

New York Times releases code to help journalists collaborate on WordPress, other platforms. Track changes within the WordPress editor. Code is available on Github; it would be awesome to see this support realtime collaborative editing too. (via Steve Myers)

The History of Dialogue: Other People’s Papers

But not knowing what plagiarism is isn’t really the problem. It’s unfortunate that right now the university is cracking down so hard on plagiarism. And the reason the university is cracking down so hard on plagiarism is because their product is less and less valuable these days. When students plagiarize, there’s an implicit recognition that […]

Tuesday night distraction: Versioned Data Carnival of Journalism

A few days back, Saturday to be exact, the crazy notion I should spend dozens of hours doing content analysis on The Locals came to my mind. For my Carnival of Journalism blog post, I want to paint a clear picture of what university-sponsored hyperlocal journalism is like today. This can then be a foundation […]