What we need: more social innovation

The reality is that no one is more concerned about the impact of AI on society than the people who are building it. Almost always, the more someone knows, the higher his or her concern level is. Some might ask, “Isn’t it their fault? Aren’t they the ones building the technology that is going to […]

Amazon’s Achilles heel

Brand. Brand is the key differentiating factor when it comes to influencing purchase decisions in a mature market. And Amazon's marketplace is a race to the bottom cesspool that's antithetical to customer loyalty. Consider this search for "tablet arm": Which of these should I choose? Three of the four have relatively similar ratings. All of […]

STEAM in Oregon

Variety of assorted programs: Innovate Oregon – Spearheaded by TAO with programs in Amity, Dayton, Newberg, Willamina, and Yamhill-Carlton. TiE Young Entrepreneurs – School year program with state competition in May. Tualatin Mobile Makerspace – Product of the ABC competition that's now transforming to a Tualatin STEAM non-profit. Oregon Robotics Program – Amazingly broken website. […]

Seeking hard problems

It's that time of year again (where my schedule empties out), so I find myself in search of a really hard problem to work on. Some problems that have piqued my interest: Affordable housing. Did you know that affordable housing is defined as paying 30% of income or less on housing? And did you know […]

You Are Not Late

Looking back now it seems as if waves of settlers have since bulldozed and developed every possible venue, leaving only the most difficult and gnarly specks for today’s newcomers. Thirty years later the internet feels saturated, bloated, overstuffed with apps, platforms, devices, and more than enough content to demand our attention for the next million […]