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Flying down to SF for the day to attend WONTFIX Cabal, an unconference on open source project maintenance. The topics I’m struggling with most right now are: support burden (where to draw the line helping end users), and new feature development (how to decide what gets built). Even though open source has been around a while, it still feels very much like the early days.

On Alaska 388 for a quick trip to San Francisco to meet Tom and Joe for the first time. Excited for what’s ahead, both the future and the conversations we get to have for the next 24 hours. With any luck, I’ll be back in Portland tomorrow by 7 pm for the PDXWP developer meetup.

#AANDigital: WordPress in the Newsroom

Since I’ve been involved in the news industry, I’ve been a huge proponent of open source software. In particular, this selling point: open source makes for much easier cross-institution collaboration. Open source software provides a legal framework for companies to pool development resources, and build mutually-beneficial products. However, as I learned the hard way, news organizations need […]

Flying Alaska 244 down to San Francisco for ONA tomorrow through Saturday. Cab to plane in twenty minutes, picked up a dirty chai, and first class bump to boot. I have perfected the art of flying. Knock on wood.

It sounds like the WordPress users at ONA might be getting brunch together on Sunday morning. Let me know if you’d like to join.

#wcsf: The Zen of WP Development

The Zen of WP Development is being one with the code, and creating compelling web experiences with proper uses of the core API. It involves: Focusing on the question at hand, and ignoring distractions. Distilling complex situations into simpler parts. Pulling from deep knowledge of the codebase to understand how APIs interact. Striving for elegant […]

Flew down to San Francisco this morning in preparation for WordCamp San Francisco. I’m excited and nervous; my Saturday afternoon talk will likely be in front of the largest audience I’ve ever seen. That is, unless everyone ends up in the other track.

Mostly though, I’m looking forward to hanging out with the community. And, if it’s possible, find people using Edit Flow who’d like to get involved with an upcoming release!