Touring a basement conversion ADU in Portland

Last Thursday, as a part of Design Week Portland, I had the chance to tour this basement conversion ADU (accessory dwelling unit) off NE Prescott: It was pretty cool! From the outside, you’ll notice both sliding glass and French doors where garage doors used to be. This is because it’s a basement and garage conversion […]

Portland’s housing market in a nutshell

We made an offer on a house yesterday, $50k over asking price. This is the first offer we’ve made in the year or so we’ve been looking. Woodstock, the neighborhood, is becoming more popular, but isn’t yet a Sellwood or the Pearl. Today we learned: Our offer wasn’t accepted. Not only was our offer not […]

A full fridge is the sign of a happy home

Or so I’ve always thought. Our fridge tonight contains: Homemade whey (and it’s corresponding cream cheese). Fermented salsa. Leah has a new, quadruply-spicy batch on the counter. Half an avocado. Bobo is eating these like it’s her job. Go Bobo! Homemade watermelon citrus gummies. "Tummy Gummies" — good for the gut! Eggs by the dozen. […]

#phppdx: WordPress as an Application Platform

Last night, I presented to ~25-30 people at the PDX PHP meetup on “WordPress as an Application Platform”. Even though I’m no longer with Human Made, I think what they’ve done with WP Remote (and Happytables) is the bleeding edge and worthy of sharing. Ultimately, the point I wanted to get across is two-fold: Many […]