On launching WP Remote Premium

This past Friday, after months of work and then two weeks of hard work, we launched a Premium version of WP Remote. The new feature list includes:

  • Automatic backups to WP Remote, or Dropbox or your own S3 account.
  • Daily email summaries of what’s been happening on your sites.
  • Ability to install, activate, deactivate, and delete themes and plugins.
  • Automatic core, theme, and plugin updates.
  • History now logs important actions happening within WordPress, including when a theme is switched, an administrator logs in, etc.

What I’m most excited about, and what WP Tavern nailed in their coverage, is that the launch of Premium also marks the formal announcement of the WP Remote API. Our entire JavaScript web application is built upon the same API that’s available to the public. For our users, this means the sky is the limit in how they integrate WP Remote into their workflow. For Human Made, the API is a rock solid foundation for us to continue to build WP Remote experiences with. It also means we can develop the API independently of the user-facing application.

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Today’s two WordPress.com VIP launches: PandoDaily and Grist

Today, MLK day even, two new sites launched on WordPress.com VIP that I’m personally pretty excited about.


PandoDaily is a brand new tech site started by Sarah Lacy, former senior editor at TechCrunch. From her announcement post:

We have one goal here at PandoDaily: To be the site-of-record for that startup root-system and everything that springs up from it, cycle-after-cycle. That sounds simple but it’ll be incredibly hard to pull off. It’s not something we accomplish on day one or even day 300. It’s something we accomplish by waking up every single day and writing the best stuff we can, and continually adding like-minded staffers who have the passion, drive and talent to do the same.

So… this sounds like a newer, better, and fresher TechCrunch starting from scratch. And she’s recruited Michael ArringtonMG SieglerPaul Carr and Farhad Manjoo as regular contributors. Props to Sara Cannon for pulling off the design.


Grist, a non-profit environmental news publication, is near and dear to my heart. It’s why I’m on the technology side of publishing instead of photographing in the third world. In summer 2007, I worked an awesome web production internship where, in exchange for a bit of copy and pasting into the CMS, I had the freedom to explore publishing on the web and to start developing my skills. That was back in the days of Bricolage; Grist has since been on ExpressionEngine. Props to Matt Perry and Nathan Letsinger for making the switch happen (and to the Otto and Nacin show for their support).

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Easier Invitations Mean More Followers and Blog Contributors

Easier Invitations Mean More Followers and Blog Contributors. A few iterations later, BudaProject is formally launched. Thanks to Beau, John, Martin, and Pete for being a fun crew to work with. (previously)