Neat idea from Daniel Sicar tonight: non-technical journalists should learn enough HTML/CSS (and maybe JavaScript) to build a single-serving website for one of their stories. Originally it was pitched as a skill to learn in 30 days, but it could be great one-day workshop material as well.

The two defining talks of Webstock

Now a few days later, I’ve realized there were two talks at Webstock that made it for me. The first was Clay Johnson’s “Industrialized Ignorance,” a look at the current state of the media. Clay argues that, much like how industrial food production gives us food that tastes good, but isn’t necessarily good for us, […]

Webstock: Miranda Mulligan, Your Survival is Designed

This week I’m at Webstock, a lovely conference in New Zealand. I’m doing my best to write little blog posts about the amazing presentations. Please forgive any typos, etc. If you’re here too, come write a haiku at Automattic’s booth. Miranda Mulligan (hey, I know her!) helped take the Boston Globe through a responsive redesign, and […]

#AANDigital: WordPress in the Newsroom

Since I’ve been involved in the news industry, I’ve been a huge proponent of open source software. In particular, this selling point: open source makes for much easier cross-institution collaboration. Open source software provides a legal framework for companies to pool development resources, and build mutually-beneficial products. However, as I learned the hard way, news organizations need […]

10 years in the making: The new

10 years in the making: The new Syracuse University’s Daily Orange finally makes the switch from College Publisher to WordPress, with a very nice responsive design at that. Joey Baker has been vindicated.

Related posts via a quiz

Many news sites display related content at the end of an article that’s often based on textual analysis or visitor traffic. Articles often assume a baseline of knowledge on a story, regardless of whether the visitor knows anything about the topic or not. It would be neat if you could include a quiz widget within […]

#techrakingcir: The Future of the CMS

Today, I’m down at Google in Mountain View at Techraking, a gathering of technologists and investigative journalists. It’s been super inspiring because of the fresh to me perspectives — I’d love to help Portland media outlets with projects like those I’ve heard about. At lunch, I learnt I was to lead a small group breakout […]