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Getty for source quotes

Or, less cryptically, a database of quotes from prominent people journalists could search to find the right quote for their story. Coupled with realtime alerts, it could be used for discovery too. The database could be fed from news organizations or other public sources.

Lessons learned from Code With Me Portland

Code With Me, a two day introduction to HTML/CSS/jQuery for journalists, came to Portland last weekend. Even though it was beautiful weather outside, forty students and twenty mentors gathered deep within The Oregonian to improve their digital chops. Just think a bit on those numbers — that’s a lot of people. Last December, I reached […]

Code With Me comes to Portland!

Code With Me, an affordable, two-day introduction to HTML / CSS / jQuery for tech-savvy journalists, is coming to Portland! Even better: a two to one student to mentor ratio means you’ll never get stuck or lost. Applications to attend are due this coming Saturday, April 6th, at 9 pm Pacific. Apply now and please […]

New techniques and technologies are born monthly and it takes two years to get a new class through. Major new forms of media arise in less time than it takes to get a PhD.

I doubt academia will handle the digital age well. It still hasn’t accepted that this is the biggest leap since Gutenberg conjured the age of mass media with movable metal type.

Eric Newton, Knight Foundation — Do universities hear the critics of journalism education?

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