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Jay Rosen

#ONA10: Rebooting the News

Rebooting the News with Dave Winer and Jay Rosen, live at #ONA10. They’re reviewing the master narratives for the rebooted system of news. I’d like to highlight the key points. “Every node in the network is a news node.” The easiest way to see this is in the Twitter network, where every user is a […]

WinerLinks v0.2 released

Inspired by the paragraph-level permalinks on Jay Rosen’s new Pressthink, I quickly whipped up a plugin last Thursday night to bring this functionality to WordPress. The name? WinerLinks, an homage to Dave Winer who is a rather prolific proto-user. WinerLinks gives you paragraph-level permalinks on your posts or pages. v0.2, released just a moment ago, […]

Open source journalism vs. crowdsourcing

Where is crowdsourcing at in 2010? How is crowdsourcing different from open source journalism, and which is appropriate for what types of stories? This is listing of links to try and illustrate the differences and similarities between crowdsourcing and open source journalism. How you structure a project with many participants will have a significant impact […]

Two pieces, loosely joined

Part one. Late last night, Jay Rosen published a small peek at an idea for a new type of news site. would be a platform to connect users with questions to journalists with research and communication skills. Jay’s perspective on this idea has a few notable features: users would be able to coalesce around […]

Why we link: #J361 presentation on curation

The link, or the ability to create a web of relationships between content, facts, and ideas, has fundamentally changed journalism. What follows is a recommended set of reading, I stand on the shoulders of giants, for those in Suzi Steffen’s Reporting 1 class I had the fortune to talk with this afternoon. I’ll try to […]

Coral reefs for local information

Every so often, I have one of those runs where I listen to a super inspirational podcast and come back with more ideas than I have the time to write them down. Tonight was one of those nights. Dave Winer and Jay Rosen in the 12th edition of Rebooting the News explore a concept Dave […]

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