Yesterday: First day of skiing for the year! Did a full day at Timberline with Ned, Leah’s dad. He’s a ski patroller, and it was a fun day tagging along to see what that’s like. 21k feet of vertical over 17 runs. Today: Hiked Dog Mountain with Spittle. Gorge-ous day in the Gorge, but bitterly […]

Once upon a time in Maui

At the first fundraiser auction I ever go to, one for FACES Foundation last October, I end up with a week’s vacation at condo in Maui. I remember the setup clearly: a strong Pisco Sour to kick off the evening, red wine flowing throughout dinner, and the discomfort coming from being the youngest, and least […]

Hill walking in New Zealandia

To truly know a place, you have to walk its hills. And New Zealandia has some pretty nice hills. Nah, that’s too profound. Really, after two weeks living in hotels, I was just jonesin’ to get outside. To commemorate a beautiful day yesterday, Dan, Nikki, and I trekked the hillside above Eastbourne, directly across the water […]

View from the top

Spittle and I climbed Table Mountain today – this was our view from the top. Fun, challenging walk up Heartbreak Ridge had me essentially front-pointing the entire time. And my calves are a bit sore. The ridge we took down was so windy we had to squat a few times to keep from getting blown […]

Trekking the Cordillera Blanca, July 2012

One thing I learned: altitude sickness can be a tough mother. Our foray through Punta Union at 15,300 is the highest I’ve ever been. For a great narrative, read Leah’s two part series.

180 degrees south

It’s easy to lose sight of the bigger picture in the smog of every day busyness. Constant emails and things to do can point you in a direction you simply assume is progress. Project shipped — on to the next one. Always working towards more, better, faster. Busy, busy Baxton. In some senses, I think […]

4th of July at the beach

Nothing says freedom from British tyranny better than a beautiful day at the coast. Check out Leah’s report for the full narrative.

Walking in the Lake District

‘Twas the best of times, ’twas the worst of times. We had beautiful weather, we got a flat tyre 300 miles from home. On June 9th and 10th, I fulfilled a life-long dream of walking in the Lake District, originally inspired by Bill Bryson’s Notes from a Small Island. My friend DJ, who’s been doing […]

A walk in the woods

A walk in the woods, above Wahkeena Falls in the gorge, with Andrew and Leah. Just the perfect amount of snow on the ground.