Four short links – January 7, 2019

Consumerism, philanthropy, consumer surplus, and banning single-family zoning. How This All Happened (Morgan Housel) — History of the American economy since WW2, explaining consumerism, consumer debt, and the rise of financial inequality. Relentless: How One Guy Brought the Internet to America’s Schools (Without Fail) — The right way to be rich is to use your […]

Four short links – September 27, 2018

Epic bootstrapping, sprawl repair, jq for HTML, and cryptocurrency pump and dump. How to Bootstrap Your Way to $250,000,000/year with JT Marino of Tuft & Needle (Indie Hackers) — Epic story of a superbly-executed startup. Underscores the value of studying existing tactical best practices to avoid learning lessons the hard way. Is Strong Towns the […]

Four short links – July 3, 2018

Universal Basic Income, machine learning, Fusion post-mortem, and opioids. Waking Up Podcast #130 – Universal Basic Income (Sam Harris with Andrew Yang) — Best possible explanation of the underlying economic forces justifying UBI. Ways to think about machine learning (Benedict Evans) — Imagine what you could do with a million ten year-olds. Univision Is A […]

Four short links – May 11, 2018

ADU legislation, pro-housing density efforts, software eats retail, and PDX exploring. ADU Legislative Initiatives Abound (Kol Peterson) — While Senate Bill 1051 is requires all cities to “allow ADUs”, the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development guidance recommends dropping owner occupancy requirements, dropping off street parking requirements, allowing detached ADUs up to 800 sq […]

Four short links – April 5, 2018

TV worth watching, urban experiments, and open source sustainability. Lessons from "The Profit" (Marginal Revolution) — I hardly watch TV but I'm going to binge so hard on this series. The big experiment at Plaza 122 (Bridgeliner) — To buy in, neighborhood residents first have to participate in a financial literacy class, which is available […]

Four short links – March 19, 2018

Selfish altruism, "performance management", all sales decks are awful, and the opioid epidemic. A Selfish Argument for Making the World a Better Place ( — This has always been my raison d'être. See also: why resource utilization isn't zero-sum. A Performance Question (Rands in Repose) — Canonical manual for dealing with direct report performance. The […]