Data centres: Social desert

Data centres: Social desert. Facebook’s building a datacenter in Prineville to leverage the natural climate cycle for cooling. I think that’s what you’d call “natural capitalism.”

In the news, ending 12 December 2008

Of interest in the past week: Haiti’s road to ruin – Haiti’s environmental woes in a nutshell, and how they’re even more applicable after the hurricane. Why not writing a story is innovation – Publishing 2.0 Down with rewriting and publishing press releases (and other such nonsense)! The Newspaper Industry and the Arrival of […]

In the news, ending 5 December 2008

Of interest in the past week: Text service provides more than a Band-Aid for rural health service – CNN Coverage of Josh Nesbit’s Mobiles in Malawi project to enable community health workers with FrontlineSMS. Alligator lacks editor applicants – The Florida Alligator The Independent Florida Alligator is having trouble finding Editor-In-Chief applicants. Sign of the […]