10 years in the making: The new DailyOrange.com

10 years in the making: The new DailyOrange.com. Syracuse University’s Daily Orange finally makes the switch from College Publisher to WordPress, with a very nice responsive design at that. Joey Baker has been vindicated.

#nyc12: Making the Switch to WordPress

Yesterday morning, I gave the last of three CMA NYC sessions I led this week: Considering making the switch to WordPress? Join Daniel Bachhuber, code wrangler for Automattic’s WordPress.com VIP, to learn how to make open source work for your publication. We’ll discuss whether WordPress is the right fit for you, how to assess other […]

Pipe Dream in numbers

Pipe Dream in numbers. 7,763 articles containing 4,136,279 words written by ~380 authors in the BU Pipe Dream’s export from College Publisher.

Markup normalization

This evening I (almost) normalized every possible variant of shitty markup entered by copy and paste online editors into 35,000 articles over the last eight years.

Daily Emerald relaunches on WordPress

Mad props to Ivar Vong and the rest of his team who finally pulled it off. They did the switch to “web-first” too. It’s been a long time in the making.

Q&A: Rusty Lewis on CMN’s new business model

Q&A: Rusty Lewis on CMN’s new business model. It just hit me: College Publisher inadvertently made it cost-effective to hire a developer and host it yourself. Student publications who don’t, and instead pay $2K/year for a terrible CMS while also donating their advertising revenue to CMN, aren’t long for this world. I can’t believe College Publisher […]

Licensing Fees to Begin in 2011

Licensing Fees to Begin in 2011. Awesome timing: College Publisher announces three new services, including managed WordPress hosting for $4,500/year, and that it will charge $2k/year for the basic Polopoly offering to those under 25,000 page views a month. Absolutely fascinating.