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Back on WordPress.com

If you’re seeing this, then my blog is back to being hosted on WordPress.com. The primary reason for this? I want to blog more often. The writing interface in WordPress.com is now much, much better than what you get in a standard WordPress install. Plus, there’s also something to be said about not having the […]

Webstock: Jason Kottke, I Built a Web App (And You Can Too)

This week I’m at Webstock, a lovely conference in New Zealand. I’m doing my best to write little blog posts about the amazing presentations. Please forgive any typos, etc. If you’re here too, come write a haiku at Automattic’s booth. Jason Kottke is a blogger and a web developer. Kottke.org is a blog he’s been publishing […]

Om Malik on ten years of blogging

Today we differentiate between blogging on blogging platforms and sharing on social platforms, but that is just semantics. The essence of blogging is not defined by a platform but by what I learned from Dave and his blogging platform — that media now is raw, collaborative and instantaneous. […] Blogging is communal: In 2008, I […]

@andrewspittle Want to start a blog circle? I’d like to start writing lengthier pieces, ones that require research and multiple layers of editing. Making this a group activity might actually convince me to do it.

Class: Blogging Best Practices, 4/25/11

Last night was the second of three Blogging Best Practices classes I’m teaching for the J-School. You can read my recap of the first class as a primer. Eight of the nine registered students showed up, and one of the Entrepreneurial Journalism students joined us. Overall, I’d give execution a “good.” We covered a fair […]