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End of one era, on to the next

Automattic has claimed ownership of the plugins I worked on during my employment. As such, the VIP team and others will be taking responsibility for their continued development, maintenance, WordPress.org support, etc. Hopefully they remain independent and aren’t rolled into Jetpack. I’ll contribute as relevant to Human Made projects, but will no longer take an […]

Farewell, Automattic

To be is to do What you do must be filling Search for gas stations Earlier this week I made the difficult decision to leave Automattic, where I’ve been working on the VIP team for just shy of two years. It’s been a tremendous ride — I’m truly proud of who I’ve been able to work […]

Hack day project idea(s), inspired by the data science session this morning. Look at a random sample of comments across WordPress.com and…

  • Classify their content (e.g. how they’re responding to the post).
  • Do a topical classification of post content and compare against comment word count or frequency.
  • Calculate diversity of commenters for a site as a function of unique email addresses to number of comments.
  • Build a network graph indicating correlation between commenters across different sites.

The big takeaway: with any given dataset, play with visualizations first before trying to draw a conclusion.