* Trigger Varnish cache purge on deployment to WP Engine
 * Automatically deploying a site to WP Engine, and want to trigger a Varnish cache purge too? It’s as easy as adding the following snippet to a mu plugin. Once you’ve done so, you can have your deployment script ping http://yoursite.wpengine.com/?purge-cache=901bcc678021c0e12f1583085cafda1d after the deployment completes successfully. View the code on Gist.

Off to London for A Day of REST

Woke up at 4 am. Worked on my presentation for a few hours. Went to Stafford Hills for a 45 minute swim and quick hot tub. Got feedback on my presentation from Joe. Took a call on prospective consulting project. Ate lunch — leftovers from an amazing Indian meal Leah made last night. Kissed my […]

 * Add a custom taxonomy dropdown filter to the WordPress Media Library
 * The Media Library is one of WordPress’ most-used features. Because it comprises thousands of lines of JavaScript, it’s also one of the least-customized. If you know where to poke, it’s relatively straightforward to add a custom taxonomy dropdown filter to the toolbar: For the code snippet that follows, here’s a high-level overview of how the dropdown filter […]

Woke up at 5 am. Worked on my Day of REST presentation for a couple hours. Took a 40 minute run to Tualatin Park; feet were sore which means I probably need new shoes. Made cottage cheese pancakes for breakfast. Went to Jordan and Haley’s for Elsie’s first birthday. Came home, put Ava down for nap. Made a couple pull requests against WP-API. Finished installing the second raised bed in the backyard. Cut down some bamboo. Neighbor brought over a few pieces of absolutely amazing brisket. Made steak fajitas, corn tortillas from masa harina, chips from stale tortillas, and guacamole. Had in-laws over for dinner. Drank wine.

Long live the weekend.


Since Thanksgiving, I’ve lost roughly 13 pounds. I hit my target 170 pounds today. While I know true success is measured by keeping those pounds off, this milestone feels really good.   I’ve “tried” and failed to lose weight in the past many times. “Tried”, in quotes, because I didn’t actually have a strategy. Mind power, […]

Back on WordPress.com

If you’re seeing this, then my blog is back to being hosted on WordPress.com. The primary reason for this? I want to blog more often. The writing interface in WordPress.com is now much, much better than what you get in a standard WordPress install. Plus, there’s also something to be said about not having the […]

Year in Review: 2015

A reflection on family, business, and travel. See also: 2014, 2013. What a year. It’s hard to imagine life moving any faster — and then it does. Having a second kid is parenting squared. Wait a sec… I haven’t blogged about my son yet. Hey, Charlie! Charles Edward Bachhuber was born at home on December 16th, […]