Introducing Simple Event Tracking

Sometimes, all you need to do is track how often an event occurs. But, Google Analytics returns this data too slowly and Mixpanel is too expensive.

Simple Event Tracking is a new, easy-to-deploy Laravel application that lets you log events and then query how often they occur (in real-time).

Once you’ve deployed the application, simply POST to the /api/write endpoint:

$ http POST simple-event-tracking.test/api/write key=foo value=bar
    "status": "ok"
}Code language: Bash (bash)

Then, when you have some events, query for summaries with a GET to the /api/read endpoint:

$ http GET simple-event-tracking.test/api/read key=foo --json --auth-type=token --auth="Bearer:<token-value>"
    "bar": 6
}Code language: JavaScript (javascript)

Easy mode!

Check out the project on GitHub if it strikes your fancy.

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