What I’m thinking about this election season

In the interest of having my thoughts written down and expanded upon somewhere, here I go! I voted Hillary Clinton predominately because I think Donald Trump is a whack job, unfit for President, and that Hillary better represents my social values. Going into Election Day, even though media coverage leaned strongly towards Hillary, my thinking […]

Tips for planning a high school reunion

Having never planned a high school reunion before, here’s a non-exhaustive list of things I wish I had known in advance: Pick a date about 9 months in advance, announce it, and then don’t think about it for 7 months. You don’t need to spend 7 months meeting, discussing, and meeting again. The last two months […]

Product review: Miracle Method

Our kids bathtub had a botched repair job by the previous owner that we discovered last November. After calling a couple of fiberglass repair specialists, we learned the bathtub was probably plastic, and we’d have to replace the entire tub. Because there’s tile around the bathtub too, we sat on our hands for months, hemming […]

Product review: Burley Kid’s Honey Bee Trailer

I’m a long-time runner. Growing up, my dad would take me on his runs in a Yakima jogging stroller. When us kids got in trouble, my parents would send us on a run to the end of the block and back. In my teen years, I’d skip out on soccer practice to go on 15+ […]

Off to London for A Day of REST

Woke up at 4 am. Worked on my presentation for a few hours. Went to Stafford Hills for a 45 minute swim and quick hot tub. Got feedback on my presentation from Joe. Took a call on prospective consulting project. Ate lunch — leftovers from an amazing Indian meal Leah made last night. Kissed my […]

Long live the weekend

Woke up at 5 am. Worked on my Day of REST presentation for a couple hours. Took a 40 minute run to Tualatin Park; feet were sore which means I probably need new shoes. Made cottage cheese pancakes for breakfast. Went to Jordan and Haley’s for Elsie’s first birthday. Came home, put Ava down for nap. Made a couple […]


Since Thanksgiving, I’ve lost roughly 13 pounds. I hit my target 170 pounds today. While I know true success is measured by keeping those pounds off, this milestone feels really good.    I’ve “tried” and failed to lose weight in the past many times. “Tried”, in quotes, because I didn’t actually have a strategy. Mind power, […]

Back on WordPress.com

If you’re seeing this, then my blog is back to being hosted on WordPress.com. The primary reason for this? I want to blog more often. The writing interface in WordPress.com is now much, much better than what you get in a standard WordPress install. Plus, there’s also something to be said about not having the […]