Bash script to execute wp-cron.php on WordPress multsite

Bash script to execute wp-cron.php on WordPress multsite. For future reference if our current load doesn’t go down.


Dino June 28, 2011 Reply

Thanks for posting this script. Was wondering what prompted you to move wp cron to a more controlled scenario? A hunch, access_log examination or otherwise?

In my case, our MU traffic bursts and subsequent CPU and I/O load chokepoints somehow coincided almost exactly with the ?doing_wp_cron pattern. In some cases, multiple concurrent cron tasks shot off at once.

Not 100% damning, but pretty close.

Daniel Bachhuber July 8, 2011 Reply

Totally, my pleasure. I haven’t implemented yet so I’d be interested to know whether it solves your problem.

I can’t remember how exactly I diagnosed it last September, but we were having load/memory usage problems and I realized it was WP cron after doing a bit of research. I tried enabling it again a week or so only to have load go up 10x to 50x. Like you said, pretty damning.

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