First impressions developing blocks for Gutenberg

Zac Gordon, Andrew Taylor and I are hosting a "first impressions developing blocks for Gutenberg" livestream/hangout/thing this Friday (1/19) at 2 pm Pacific. We've each tried our hand at writing a block — some things went well and others were disasters.

Curious what it's like to build a custom Gutenberg block? Have experiences of your own to share? Register here for the cage match and help us debate the merits of ES5 over ES6 on Friday at 2 pm Pacific. Leave a comment if there are any questions you'd like to submit in advance.

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  1. I’d be curious what your experiences have been in customizing existing blocks, especially in filtering things like HTML markup and CSS classes. Or have you found it easier to simply create custom blocks of your own?

    1. I haven’t tried customizing existing blocks, as a matter of fact. What type of customization have you wanted to do?

  2. This sounds great! Unfortunately, it’s 11 pm my time so I can’t make it. Will you record this session so we could continue the discussion offline? I have a couple of ideas how to improve the onboarding process, but it would be great to confront it with your experience.

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