1. Sure. The problem I ran into might just be specific to 1&1, my hosting, but it’s frustrating nevertheless. I’ve been using the custom URL feature that Feedburner offers as “My Brand.” It requires setting up a CNAME on your own domain that points to Feedburner. It used to point to “”, which 1&1 allows. Somewhere along the way, however, Google changed the recipient domain to a length greater than what 1&1 accepts, meaning that I can no longer use “My Brand”.

    It’s important to note that Linode, which we’re currently using for CoPress, works just fine. I’m going to run into the same problem with ODA and the other websites I manage, though.

  2. Thanks for the info.

    In the interest of sharing information, have you heard of ? They’re amazing. Pay as you go hosting that is perfect for all the small websites that I host. I’ve had nothing but great experiences with them.

    I’m sort of an evangelist for them, so I like to spread the good word. 😉