Three months later



It took way too long, but I finally had my sweet Kilowatts mounted with G3 Onyx AT bindings. The setup is complete with a pair of Dynafit ZZero boots with heat-molded liners which, if you’ve never experienced, I would highly recommend trying at least once in your life. I can’t wait to see how they ski. With CoPress closing down, more on that shortly, my goal is to make it happen more than the once a month I’ve been averaging.

A quick memo for the future: I’ve been able to sneak by the Amtrak baggage czar with a single pair of skis multiple times, but if they catch you with two pairs of skis and boots, they’re probably going to make you check them. Considering I wasn’t schlepping a ski bag, I have my fingers crossed that they don’t get mangled.

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