This week’s highlights

This past week on the East Coast was tremendous fun, and it was all due to the great people I had the fortune to spend time with. Some highlights:

  • Ken’s wonderful hospitality, and knowledge of the best place on the Oregon Coast to get smoked oysters. I can’t wait until winter break.
  • Coworking with Jeremy, Jason, and Serdar in the WaPo newsroom. I wish them the best of luck solving campaign finance this year.
  • Tuesday Night Drinking Club with Greg, Will, Aaron and everyone else.
  • Finally getting pizza at Roberta’s with Cody, Kate, Albert and Amy. Kate’s grilled pizza is more deserving of two stars from the New York Times.
  • Codeworking with Evan at Chartbeat. Automatticians are a rare breed of awesome.
  • A couple of long runs along the East River, almost as cool as the Westside Highway.
  • The most competitive game of Catan I’ve played yet, with Albert, David, and Ashwin. I learned the defining point of the game is who’s the best trader. Watch out for David’s poker face.
  • Hacking on OkCandidate with Albert at Times Open. Props to him for sticking it out; I look forward to hearing how it finished up.

Now, an overnight flight to Madrid where Michelle awaits. See you on the other side.


Sheri December 5, 2011 Reply

Do share the oyster place.

“Automatticians are a rare breed of awesome.” This, is true.

Daniel Bachhuber December 5, 2011 Reply

The oyster place is Karla’s Smokehouse. I might need to move them to when I go…

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