Thank you, Grandpa

Thank you for your love of the outdoors, because of which I appreciate them too.

Thank you for introducing me to dehydrated foods, yet another under appreciated quality of life.

Thank you for your strong sense of sensibility. Even though it can be difficult to resist desire, delayed gratification is always more rewarding.

Thank you for encouraging higher education. Even though I didn’t manage to graduate college, your expectations set a high bar to reach.

Thank you for my father. I obviously wouldn’t be here today without him. But even more so, I am a strong reflection of him, and he a strong reflection of you. Everything I appreciate and value is a manifestation of your strength of character.

Thank you for my aunts, uncles, and cousins. As I’ve grown older, I’ve realized how lucky I am to be surrounded by a loving, fun, thoughtful and caring extended family.

Grandpa, you’re neither gone nor forgotten.

You’re still here with every one of us — in fact, we’re inseparable. I know that I can always spend time with you by going mushrooming in the woods, cooking good food for my entire family, and holding myself to higher standards.

I’m only 30 and still my time on earth is limited. I’ll consider myself successful if I manage to have half the impact you’ve had.

Love you, Grandpa.

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