Summary of Gutenberg Plugin Compatibility Database results to date

A quick run-through of where we’re currently at with the Gutenberg Plugin Compatibility Database.

Since announcing the database on March 1st, 70 people have been granted testing status. However, of 5000 total plugins, we’re still at 4139 untested plugins. No companies have stepped up to contribute a significant amount of person-hours.

Of the 861 tested plugins:

  • 219 (25.44%) are compatible.
  • 518 (60.16%) are likely compatible.
  • 25 (2.9%) are likely not compatible.
  • 39 (4.53%) are not compatible.
  • 60 (6.97%) are in “testing”, which means someone started test and abandoned the process.

Notably, this data is largely biased by the “likely compatible” results. For the most part, these are plugins I pre-screened (e.g. caching plugins) prior to March.

In the original data set, 18 (28.125%) of the 64 incompatible and likely incompatible plugins were updated in the four weeks prior to March 1st. This means the majority are on slower development cycles.

Of the 64 incompatible and likely incompatible plugins, the reasons include:

  • Missing Add Media and TinyMCE buttons (NextGen, WPForms, Formidable, FooGallery, Page Scroll to ID and others).
  • Missing QuickTag buttons (Quick AdSense).
  • Meta box doesn’t display at all (Page Links To, Revision Control).
  • Semi-live preview of SEO title doesn’t work in Gutenberg (All In One SEO).
  • Custom Short or Long Product Description fields don’t appear at all (WooCommerce).
  • Featured thumbnail previews aren’t being generated (Auto Post Thumbnail).Whitescreen of death (qTranslate X, CKEditor).
  • Registers a CPT with editor support that doesn’t include show_in_rest=>true (Portfolio Post Type)
  • Adds section to Media Library that isn’t displayed in Gutenberg (Add From Server).
  • Access restriction from plugin not applied in Gutenberg (Advanced Access Manager).
  • Specifying custom gallery image links isn’t applied in Gutenberg (WP Gallery Custom Links).
  • Doesn’t log changes made in Gutenberg (WP Security Audit Log).

Next steps are to be determined. “Try Gutenberg” represents an opportunity to generate more data (out of support forum requests). However, we need a workflow for capturing that data.


Scott April 26, 2018 Reply

You’ll be happy to know that in a week or two, a new NextGEN Gallery beta will be available for anyone to try with a Gutenberg block. We’ve tested it heavily in house and it’s working nicely!

Daniel Bachhuber April 26, 2018 Reply

Great! Looking forward to reading a blog post about it 🙂

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