If you ever want to get your blood boiling on a Tuesday morning, try talking to the company that subcontracts VISA’s card benefits service.

In June, while on a trip to England, my rental car got a flat. I declined the collision damage waiver when accepting the car because I thought I was covered by VISA.

Well, four months later I learn that I am, but only if meet subclauses B, C, and Z. In this particular case, VISA claims I accepted the collision damage waiver. I’m not sure how that makes sense if Hertz made me pay for the flat repair and I have the receipt to prove it.

Smells scammy to me.

Update #1 (Tuesday, 10 am): I called Hertz and they say they didn’t charge me for CDW. Awesome.

Update #2 (Wednesday, 8 am): After calling eclaimsline again and conveying what I learned from Hertz, they connected me with the agent who did the original report. We then called the Cambridge office where we learned there was a CDW included in the rate for damages over £650. We forgot to ask whether it was optional or mandatory. So we conference called back together this morning: it was mandatory, and I couldn’t opt out.

I win. So much win.

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