Ski report: Brighton, February 2013


Never miss an opportunity for adventure is my motto. When DJ posted on Facebook that he was headed to Utah for a conference and wanted to ski, I immediately jumped on it. We ended up skiing Brighton for a few days with his friends David and Jeffrey.

The most important details:

  • Day one: 15k feet of vertical in 13 runs before lunch.
  • Day two: 22k feet of vertical in 19 runs in the afternoon / early evening. Beer break midway.
  • Day three: 18k feet of vertical in 16 runs before lunch. Hot cocoa midway to defrost.

Secondary details:

  • Brighton Lodge is a pretty sweet basecamp for skiing Brighton. It’s literally right next to the lift. A four person dorm room runs $129/night.
  • Bring groceries and alcohol, as the evening dining options are limited and expensive.
  • Pray for snow. We got sun, but only a couple inches of fresh on Monday night. Had there been a dumping, much more of the mountain would’ve opened up.
  • It was fun thinking I could split skiing and work, but next time we’re instituting a no-laptop policy. I ended up working more hours than I wanted to, and everyone else spent equal hours if not more on their posters.

Best of luck to DJ, Jeffrey and David on their presentations!


mbijon February 28, 2013 Reply

There’s something to this remote work thing when you can do almost 20k vertical and get in a full day of work.

Sheri March 1, 2013 Reply

Wow, great photo! I love UT skiing. Definitely take more time out for the snow next time you visit. 🙂

DJ March 17, 2013 Reply

We’re hoping to make it an annual (or even semiannual) event, so hope to catch you there again soon!

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