Serendipity blows my mind

Purchased too many chairs at IKEA last month. Chairs sit in living room for three weeks before finally listing on Craigslist. Portlander purchases chairs with her roommate earlier this week.

Few days go by.

Long-time climbing friend from high school contacts me out of the blue today via SMS. Haven’t talked to him in four years or more. Knows I’m living in Brooklyn. He’s living in Brooklyn too. Tells me story of how one of his friends purchased chairs on Craigslist. Is asked whether, off chance, he knows Daniel Bachhuber.

Boom, small world.

Head upstairs into my apartment.

Another friend txts and asks whether I want to get roommate birthday pizza in West Village and then hit the bars. Feeling social again. Take subway back into the city. Arrive at Numero 28 before others and request a table for five. “Oh no, six,” my friend clarifies, “one other dude is going to join.”

Wait at the table 10 minutes.

Boom, up walks long-time climbing friend. “Oh, no way. Do you know Tyler?”

Even smaller world.

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