P2 Resolved Posts v0.3: Register your own post states

P2 Resolved Posts is a nifty plugin we use at Automattic, in conjunction with the stellar P2 theme, to help better ensure decisions aren’t left hanging and things get done. This third release of the plugin allows you to register your own custom post states.

For instance, if I wanted to have a post “Waiting Review” before it was marked unresolved, I could add something like the following to my theme’s functions.php:

P2ResolvedPosts()->add_state( 'waiting-review', 'Waiting Review', array( 'before' => 'unresolved' ) );

The third argument is the position of the state. It can be ‘first’ or ‘last’, or ‘before’ => ‘state’ or ‘after’ => ‘state’.

Alternatively, you can remove a state if you no longer find it useful.

Getting this feature out the door required a fair amount of refactoring. It’s been running stable on WordPress.com for a couple of weeks — the most awesome way to beta test. Feel free to post any feedback, issues, feature requests, etc. in the WordPress.org forums. You can also fork the plugin on Github.

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