Next-generation managed WordPress hosting

What if there was a managed WordPress company that got rid of its servers altogether, and focused on helping you achieve the best possible results from any infrastructure on the market?

Here’s how it might work:

  1. When you sign up for an account, you connect your Google Analytics account, so the service has intelligence about your current traffic patterns.
  2. Based on expected resource utilization, the service suggests a server configuration on AWS, Digital Ocean, or Google Cloud Platform. Once you select your preference, the service provisions a WordPress-optimized hosting stack on the provider.
  3. As a part of the offering, the service provides a best-in-class object-cache drop-in, CDN-based full-page cache, Elasticsearch integration, etc.
  4. Over time, as the service passively monitors the performance of your WordPress instance, it offers suggestions for additional application-level optimizations (think New Relic but with a higher-level understanding of WordPress).
  5. Over time, the service also passively monitors your resource spend. If it detects there’s a more price-performant option on the market, the service makes it possible to migrate your site to new infrastructure seamlessly. As an example, a client of mine was spending $1k+ per month on Amazon’s CloudFront CDN. Now they’re spending $20/month on CloudFlare.

The target market is every customer subject to “Contact us for a quote” pricing (typically $2k/month and up). The service would enable a non-technical company to run their website in the price-performant public cloud without needing to internalize the DevOps cost.

Some existing options include ServerPilot and Laravel Forge, but neither focus deeply on WordPress.


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Greg November 6, 2017 Reply

Crazy? YES, because this would be THE SOLUTION for a lot of companies who currently spend a lot on root-servers / private-clouds, and sysadmins, only to have a better wordpress hosting, and living with the downside of locked to a provider. This idea is great!!!

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