New WordPress plugin: Post Author Box

At the J-School, a supreme goal of mine is no theme modifications. When students and faculty are creating new websites, they’ll often want to make minor changes to how a given theme presents content. These modifications can make managing the entire network of sites exponentially more complex. To solve both needs, the goal then becomes to enable as much customization as possible through the admin. Here’s another tool for the toolbox: Post Author Box.

Post Author Box is an extremely powerful way to add author information to the top or bottom of a post or page. You can use the following tokens with basic HTML to determine what data is displayed:

  • %display_name%
  • %author_link%
  • %author_posts_link%
  • %first_name%
  • %last_name%
  • %description%
  • %email%
  • %avatar%
  • %jabber%
  • %aim%
  • %post_date%

Once you’ve done this, the Post Author Box is wrapped in a special class you can style it away to your heart’s content with another plugin like Custom CSS.

Download Post Author Box at, leave questions or ideas in the forum, or fork it on GitHub.


Loic Hélias January 9, 2012 Reply

Hi Daniel,
thanks for sharing this usefull post, but I have one question concerning my blog, I would like to add a special author box in order to highlight my differents social accounts.
Do you know a nice plugin to do that?
Best regards

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