Moving on up

If you’re reading this post, then you’re seeing a brand new hosted by Digital Ocean. I’ve been a long-time WebFaction user, but the allure of cheap SSD was too much to pass up.  That, lack of two-factor auth support, and generally feeling like WebFaction is stuck in the early 2000’s caused me to branch out.

And I’ve been incredibly impressed. The machine is fast (although I guess I’m jinxing myself now), the control panel is just what I want it to be, and the price make me feel like I’m committing a robbery.

For anyone that wants to take a peek at what I’ve done, the repo is in Github. It was intended to be a one-day project, but I ran into some domain-mapping hell. As it turns out, core doesn’t fully support domain mapping as I thought it did.

Lastly, I provisioned my new machine using masterless Salty WordPress (work in progress). Hoping to align incentives such that Salty WordPress continues to be the best way to provision local and production WordPress machines.

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