Mobilizing Mobile Records makes It to round two

Amy Sample Ward just alerted me that “Mobilizing Mobile Records in Resource Poor Settings“, a project Isaac and I pitched for the NetSquared/USAID Development 2.0 Challenge, has made it into the top 15

Wow. So sweet. I’m not entirely sure what the next steps are, but this is a huge stride forward for bridging the gap between SMS and OpenMRS and empowering healthcare providers.


Tom December 15, 2008 Reply


Isaac Holeman December 15, 2008 Reply

Exciting! Can’t wait to plan out our next steps.

Paul Biondich December 15, 2008 Reply

Man, is the blogosphere cool or what?! I stumbled across this post tonight through a simple Google search. I’m one of the founders of the OpenMRS project, and would be happy to help in any way that you all might need. Good luck!

DJ Strouse December 21, 2008 Reply

Congrats Dan! This was originally a major focus of our team’s project in Hubli last summer, but slow software developers, funding problems, and a late start curbed our ambition. I’d love to discuss if we talk before you leave the country.

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