Massive list of links: January 10, 2018

In honor of Nat Torkington’s Four Short Links, I present you: a massive list of links.

  1. Saving the Free Press From Private Equity (Robert Kuttner & Hildy Zenger) — Scathing critique; never did I realize how significant of a role financiers played. Makes me bullish on the opportunity for local media businesses.
  2. When is a Dollar not a Dollar? (Leo Polovets) — Excellent set of evaluation criteria for determining where your service/product fits within your customer's wallet (or whether it does at all).
  3. Romanticizing the Hunter-Gatherer (William Buckner) — Not actually the original affluent society, as we’re led to think.
  4. These 6 Cities Are Smarter Than Portland About Housing (Willamette Week) — Useful set of reference points.
  5. CSforALL Consortium — Computer literacy/CS education initiative. "8% of STEM graduates are in CS, yet 71% of all new STEM jobs are in computing."
  6. How to tell if a CEO is worth working for (Claire Lew) — Great questions to ask (e.g. “What would an employee who’s left the company say it’s like to work for you?”).
  7. Mr. Money Mustache, UBER Driver (Mr. Money Mustache) — No surprise: a highly competitive market means race to the bottom for compensation.
  8. How Shopify Grew From a Snowboard Shop to a $10B Commerce Ecosystem (Hiten Shah) — Answer: clear alignment between business model and customer success.
  9. The World’s Foremost Expert Explains How To Value Stock (Bloomberg Odd Lots) — Such a clear, understandable explanation.
  10. Recession-Resistant Investing & the Benefits of Buying Shopping Centers with David Puchi (BiggerPockets) — Growth trend: buying out individual owners at the end of their careers, and then doing the rehab work they didn't want to do.

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