Idea: WordPress plugin to export to a given format

For those in the publishing world: if you could have a WordPress plugin that allowed you to export a post to any given format, what formats would those be? Furthermore, how would the data be structured for each format (e.g. RTF vs. Microsoft Word vs. PDF vs. NITF)? I’m thinking this might be a poor man’s way to InDesign integration for Edit Flow.


Matthew Gerring November 16, 2010 Reply

Straight XML. XML is supported by InDesign and can be brought into layouts really easily, especially if you’re starting from a template.

Daniel Bachhuber November 17, 2010 Reply

What namespace would you use with XML (or does InDesign support some type of auto-discovery)?

Russell Heimlich November 17, 2010 Reply

ePub. I’ve got a working prototype of this now. WordPress is the ultimate publishing platform.

Daniel Bachhuber November 17, 2010 Reply

Intriguing. Would you export ePub on a post by post basis, or content from the blog as a whole? If the latter, you might want to check out Anthologize.

Quint Randle November 22, 2010 Reply

I believe there is a plug-in out there that does your “entire site” to text or something. But I think “by post” in some type of format inDesign or Quark could read would be great, be it XML or RTF or ??? If you are using EditFlow for a CMS and going “to web first” then you would probably want to export “by post/article” you went through the pushing live to the web process. You would “publish” with the status button and then there would be another button that would put that article in a InDesign-readble file in a folder on your server. You would simply specify that folder in EditFlow preferences.


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