Idea: web analytics across multiple domains and subdomains

Track basic engagement metrics (pageviews, visitors, etc.) across N domains and subdomains without having to register each site with the anaytics tool. We have a Quantcast account but it’s really not sufficient.


Miles Skorpen February 7, 2011 Reply

If you have a budget, Omniture would probably do the trick. It’s like Google Analytics on crack. I imagine it is very very expensive, however.

Also–whenever I click on one of your post titles in Google Reader, the link fails ( e.g. ).

Daniel Bachhuber February 7, 2011 Reply

Yes, I’ve heard Omniture is expensive. Probably don’t have the budget for that. Re: RSS, try resubscribing. I stopped using Feedburner and think that’s an old subdomain I neglected.

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