Idea: More effective office hours

On Thursday, I want to try this out: students teaching one another. When everyone shows up, I’ll have them list the things they need to cover on the whiteboard. If I think one student can help with another student’s question, I’ll ask them to work with that other student. We’ll see how well it works.


Michelle April 12, 2011 Reply

1. Set up a white board in your office titled “The Baller Board”
2. Column one “baller name & number”, two “baller skills”, three “baller points”
3. When a student comes to your office hours seeking a specific skill, like the knowledge to change menus in WordPress, you teach them, and then ask if they’d like to become a member of The Baller Board.
4. When students are Baller Board members they become an ambassador for a specific skill, and they agree to teach that skill to other students.
5. For each teach, they get a baller point (and mad baller street cred, of course).

General concept is that students can take ownership of a specific skill or bit of knowledge. When they teach that skill to others, it reinforces their knowledge of the subject. The baller system is more efficient than many students coming to you at different times with the same question: too time consumptive. The baller board benefits the whole school because students know which of their classmates to ask for help when you are busy. Baller board connects students and promotes horizontal learning. You can create incentives for Baller Board members, like weekly shout outs to point leaders and prizes.

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