Hood to Coast 2012


They call it “the mother of all relays.” I call it another check mark on the list of life goals.

It surprises me how enjoyable the race was, after years of hearing horror stories from my mom.

The team, filled with complete strangers to me save one, was an absolute joy to share the hardship with. As I write this, they’re playing diddies with kazoos someone brought.

Leah, taking over some organizational responsibility for the team, picked up the best possible pre- and post-run food for the vans. Turkey jerky, bananas with almond butter, lots of water, and fruit leather meant we were adequately nourished all of the way through.

Oh, and the running itself. Amazing. Great routes through the countryside, each passing a lot quicker than I expected.

Leg 8 started at 4:30 pm Friday just west of Sandy and ended before Boring. I completed the 4.55 miles in 33 minutes (7:15 pace), roadkilling 11 people along the way.


Leg 20 looked like the picture above — up and up and up. And it was my middle of the night run to boot. Fortunately, I slept a few hours. I nailed it. Finished 5.75 miles in 47 minutes (8:10 pace), roadkilling 31 poor suckers along the way.

Leah and I decided to do our last two runs together. Leg 31 and 32 were four miles a piece. These eight miles wound through the coastal basin just before Seaside. Looking back, it may not have been the best idea to double our mileage during the last part of the relay. I’m glad we pulled it off, and also happy we didn’t time it.

Just about time for beach, beer, and burgers!

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