Free plugin ideas, March 2013

I may or may not get to these in the future. If you do before me, please let me know.

Single-use P2 threads. P2 is an awesome theme for threaded conversations that stand the test of time. Avoid long, drawn out email discussions with friends by pointing everyone to a P2 thread.

A year ago you wrote… Emails of what you wrote in the past, a la Timehop.

Lock one or more dashboard widgets in place for everyone. The WordPress dashboard offers infinite customization. Sometimes you want to make sure a widget (e.g. site announcements) appears in the same place for everyone though.

Save Manage Posts filter state. It resets your query argument filters every time you navigate away.


Kelly March 25, 2013 Reply

I want the timehop plug in for my website. I want to be able to back date it too. Like, i want to have something come up on the website that says ’65 yrs ago so & so got married’ and show their picture. What would it take for you to make this plugin?

Daniel Bachhuber March 31, 2013 Reply

No plans at the moment, but possibly in the future.

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