Four short links – September 27, 2018

Epic bootstrapping, sprawl repair, jq for HTML, and cryptocurrency pump and dump.

  1. How to Bootstrap Your Way to $250,000,000/year with JT Marino of Tuft & Needle (Indie Hackers) — Epic story of a superbly-executed startup. Underscores the value of studying existing tactical best practices to avoid learning lessons the hard way.
  2. Is Strong Towns the same as Sprawl Repair? (Chuck Marohn) — Canonical explanation of why suburban retrofit is an optimistic yet unobtainable goal. Best case scenario is that some subdivisions can incrementally transform towards more traditional, mixed-use neighborhoods.
  3. pup: Command Line HTML Parsing — Like jq, but for HTML. Query the DOM with CSS selectors. (via Joseph Scott)
  4. A glimpse into the dark underbelly of cryptocurrency markets (Nic Carter) — Guilty until proven innocent: cryptocurrencies are pump and dump schemes. If you don’t know what a pump and dump scheme is, you especially shouldn’t be buying cryptocurrencies.

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