Four short links – May 11, 2018

ADU legislation, pro-housing density efforts, software eats retail, and PDX exploring.

  1. ADU Legislative Initiatives Abound (Kol Peterson) — While Senate Bill 1051 is requires all cities to “allow ADUs”, the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development guidance recommends dropping owner occupancy requirements, dropping off street parking requirements, allowing detached ADUs up to 800 sq ft by right, and even allowing two ADUs.
  2. ‘My Generation Is Never Going to Have That’ (POLITICO)— Pro-housing density efforts in Seattle from the affected tech population. See also Jeff Kaufman (Boston) and Kevin Burke (California).
  3. Mickey Drexler and the death of a supply-driven world (Loose Threads) — Software eats retail: how J.Crew, Gap, Ralph Lauren, Abercrombie & Fitch, American Apparel, and others were blindsided by technology.
  4. Pedaling from Portland to Hood River (Bike Portland) — Neat 100 mile bike route off the beaten path.

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