Four short links – April 5, 2018

TV worth watching, urban experiments, and open source sustainability.

  1. Lessons from "The Profit" (Marginal Revolution) — I hardly watch TV but I'm going to binge so hard on this series.
  2. The big experiment at Plaza 122 (Bridgeliner) — To buy in, neighborhood residents first have to participate in a financial literacy class, which is available in Spanish, Vietnamese, Arabic, and Russian. After completing the course, they can make micro investments of $10 to $100 in the plaza each month. With enough of these investments, the community will eventually own Plaza 122 in full. So cool! You should subscribe to Bridgeliner.
  3. One City: Many Futures / Better Block PDX (Design Week Portland) — Can we make this bike lane better, on a budget that's slightly more than beer? "Street prototyping" as disruptive policy innovation.
  4. Open source sabbatical = awesome (Julia Evans) — Sabbaticals as a model for open source sustainability.

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