Four short links – April 10, 2019

Open source anthropology, HB 2001 progress, free-lancing advice, dirt removal coaching.

  1. The Hard Parts of Open Source (Evan Czaplicki) — Identifies a strong set of specific anti-patterns present in open source (e.g. “why don’t you just” and “all discussion is constructive”) and then goes into a major history deep dive on why they might be present.
  2. ‘Restore My Neighborhood’: One Cascadian’s Take on Re-legalizing Housing (Sightline Institute) — Oregon House Bill 2001 is moving on! The next committee is Joint Committee on Ways and Means.
  3. Everything I know about freelancing (Andy Adams) — Always fun to read about how others operate. Some points I agree with, others I don’t ?
  4. Service Industry Coach (YouTube) — Having been up to my eyeballs with Food Blogger Pro for the last few months, I just love that this exists. Almost tempted to start a lawn mowing company.

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